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Tail Ring


High performance flashlights for the discerning user

Tail Ring

Tailring Cropped.JPG
Tailring Cropped.JPG

Tail Ring

from 10.00

These tail rings sit unobtrusively around the rubber boot on the tail-cap of your light and add that extra little stylish flair and can make your light easier to find in the dark.

Currently we have these available in GITD (glow in the dark) blue and green, as well as a copper or bronze composite.

Glow variants are SrAl powered, for long bright glow times. If you want maximum brightness and glow-time, go with green. Due to the nature of SrAl dopants, blue simply can't match green, but blue does have its own beautiful and exotic look. Don't confuse either of these with the more common ZnS technology, which is vastly inferior offering lower peak brightness and much shorter glow times. 

The metal composites are a hybrid material which is about 90% metal, so it looks and feels much like metal. We carefully treat it to give it a beautiful finish, great as an accent.

Please note when "charging" these up with light, they charge more by peak intensity rather than exposure duration; a quick flash of a bright light will make them glow far brighter than long exposure to a dimmer light. Custom sizes (provide ID and OD measurements) are available upon request.

Boot Size:
Outer Diameter:
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-SrAl powered GITD (much brighter and longer lasting than the more common ZnS glow tech) 

-Install smooth side up, by pressing down firmly and pulling back the rubber boot. (super quick and easy)