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FX Crown Magazine - 3D Digital Files

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FX Crown Magazine - 3D Digital Files


FX Crown Magazine - 3D Digital Files

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First off, credit where it is due to rj2239 for being the inspiration for this project. The purpose of this design is to eliminate the fliers caused by FX magazines moving pellets by their larger-diameter skirts. This magazine design offers clearance for the skirts so pellets may be moved by their more robust heads. The design is experimental, and every part needs to be finished and hand fitted! For those who do not have their own 3D printers or laser cutters, we can provide raw printed parts kits as well as the transparent acrylic face plates.

This design is experimental and should be treated as such. A complete write-up and assembly instructions can be found HERE. This is NOT a copy of an FX magazine, it works with the Crown (and should work with the FX Dreamline) but is otherwise entirely built to its own design and tolerances. Not a single part is interchangeable.

Because this design may be updated and added to, we request that people do not re-host the design files themselves, but simply link back here where the design will ALWAYS be free to download.

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Complete assembly instructions can be found on our associated blog post.

Tools you’ll need at bare minimum:
3D Printer
Metric Hex Keys
Scalpel (or equivalent small sharp blade)
Needle Nose Pliers

You would additionally benefit from/ideally own:
Quality ABS filament (as opposed to PLA)
Acrylic Face Plate (transparent)
Drill Press
Drill Index
Squeeze clamp

Parts (all links go to Amazon for convenience, however they can be sourced anywhere):
M1.5x3 O-ring (3mmID, 1.5mmWD)
M3x5 Brass Insert
M3x3 Grub Screw
M3x10 Countersink Screw
2mm Brass Rod
Spring (from retractable badge)