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Leshiy Moderator (shroud core)

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Leshiy Moderator (shroud core)

Leshiy Final Rev.png
Leshiy Final Rev.png

Leshiy Moderator (shroud core)


The Edgun Leshiy is a remarkable little rifle, one with simplicity, elegance, and a real purity of purpose. Perhaps this is why it has found such a devout following? Unfortunately, the factory shroud core is not very well optimized, and so this little gremlin still has considerable bark. Huge thank you to AGN user Custard for loaning us his Leshiy for this project!

Enter our design. This is a drop-in replacement for the factory Leshiy shroud core which considerably improves sound attenuation. Multiple damping materials, and a long series of subtle tweaks resulted in a design that, while it may look simple, is anything but. The backbone of the core is made from 20% carbon fiber reinforced nylon, selected for its exceptional strength, ability to withstand impact, and solvent resistance. (unreinforced nylon is what Glock frames are made from) The bore is precision reamed as is the barrel-alignment section to ensure accuracy. The design works both in the 250mm and the 350mm w/ extension configurations, just like the factory core. The latter, having much greater reflex volume, obviously further improves sound attenuation. Included with each core is an additional foam insert meant to be slipped into the reflex volume of the shroud when the 350mm barrel is being used.

Installation is simple. CONFIRM YOUR RIFLE IS CLEAR, SAFED, AND STOCK FOLDED. Remove your factory core. Slide the replacement core into place, rotating slightly to confirm alignment with the barrel, and press fully rearward. Check for alignment down the bore. Install the o-ring around the muzzle on the tapered surface of the core, and add a drop of silicone oil to it to minimize friction. Screw the factory retaining cap back on gently, only finger tight is required, and then back off to relieve torque on the core and barrel. Check alignment one final time, and you’re good to go. If you are using the 350mm bbl w/ extension, the aluminum tube/spacer is required. Slide it into the shroud, and then slide the additional purple foam insert down around the barrel all the way to the back of the shroud. (it acts as a damper to further reduce sound signature) The rear of the core slips over the barrel and seats on the edge of the aluminum tube/spacer just below the barrel. The rest of the installation process is the same.

Note this core is approximately 2.5 millimeters longer than the factory core. This was done intentionally to accommodate varying lengths of aluminum spacer for the 350mm BBL/extended shroud configuration. The test sample’s aluminum spacer was shorter than the shroud extender, preventing the factory core from being correctly clamped by the cap and allowing it to rattle. An added benefit to this is that it creates a measurable improvement in sound attenuation.

This product is intended for AIRGUN USE ONLY! It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its design intent. More information about the federal court ruling which clarified the legality of airgun moderators within the United States can be found HERE. Local restrictions may still apply. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure they are in compliance with all applicable laws. United States Orders Only!

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Leshiy Factory.png

Factory Shroud Core - 256.0 (avg)

This trace shows the performance of a bone stock Leshiy in .22 as supplied from the factory. This example produced 740fps w/ a JSB 18.13gr .22 caliber pellet, or 22 foot pounds, using the 250mm barrel.

Upgrade Core - 112 (avg)

This trace shows the exact same gun in the exact same short 250mm barrel configuration, but now with our upgrade core.

Leshiy 3baf Final.png
Leshiy 3baf shroud extension.png

Upgrade Core w/ 350mm bbl - 87 (avg)

This trace shows the exact same gun as above, but now with the 350mm barrel and shroud extension installed. Our upgrade core is installed like normal, however in the bottom of the reflex volume our additional foam damper is also installed.