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Band Starter Kit


Band Starter Kit

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Band Starter Kit


This Band Starter Kit is a simple and convenient way to band up a slingshot. It includes two Alliance bands, two microfiber pouches, and some tying rubber.

-Microfiber Pouches - these ubiquitous and inexpensive pouches are a great way to shoot medium-small projectiles out of your slingshot. We use them a lot here when testing different band sets.

-Alliance Bands - These bands have reasonable performance and exceptional durability. We provide them uncut, that is to say as a complete loop. And did we mention the durability? These things just stretch and stretch and take the punishment much better than typical flatbands such as Theraband. We use these on our every day shooters. For most people, one band can be carefully cut in half thus providing the bands for two slingshots.

-Tying Rubber - Two narrows and two wides, this should be enough tying rubber to set up one complete slingshot. (where applicable)

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