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We offer extreme-performance custom flashlights, EDC, and accessories. Home of the world's most powerful production LED thrower with 3 kilometers ANSI throw. 

Wrath of Ra


Here you can find listings of lights we've discontinued. Whether it is just for curiosity, or documentation for owners, this is information we wanted to keep around even though the products are no longer live. 

Wrath of Ra

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Wrath of Ra

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Ra is the ancient Egyptian god of the sun, a major deity who was believed to have created all forms of life. We've reserved his name for our most powerful line of hand held throwers, capable of sun-like beams tearing across the sky at night. The Wrath of Ra, or WoR, is surely an impressive light. Tipping the scales at one and one third pounds including batteries, you'd never expect to find it spitting up to ONE MILLION CANDELAS! This raw power, pun intended, enables the light to illuminating objects up to 2000 meters away, thanks to our Night Piercer light engine. If you've never before held a high kcd light, you owe it to yourself to try the Wrath of Ra. 

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-Up to 1,000Kcd (one million candela) illuminates 2000 meters (1.2 miles) ANSI throw.

-Comes with a signed card certifying your specific light's performance and authenticity.

-270mmx80mmx25mm (length x head x body tube)

-Night Piercer light engine

-4 modes: moonlight, low, medium, high; no memory.

-No turbo timer, light should be monitored for temperature by the user based on preference and environment.

-Performance measured at 6 meters after 30 seconds. 

-Significant thermal enhancements to improve performance.

-GITD tail boot, tailcap ring, neck spacer, and head ring. 


-6V low voltage protection. Protected cells are not required, but recommended. 

-2s battery config, two 18650s or two 18350s. Battery spacers are required for flat top and some button top cells.

-UF-1508 Host