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Our Company

We offer extreme-performance custom flashlights, EDC, and accessories. Home of the world's most powerful production LED thrower with 3 kilometers ANSI throw. 

The Drive For Performance

83Kcd modded Astrolux SC, Spyderco Techno

83Kcd modded Astrolux SC, Spyderco Techno


We all are focused on performance optimization, to accomplish extremes. That is what brought us together and forged Silent Thunder Ordnance. We do this partly through totally novel design, but also clever recombination of disparate technologies. We like to think the results speak for themselves, notably the most powerful LED thrower in production with over twice the performance of the previous title holder for half the price. 

This ethos extends beyond flashlights though. At the complete opposite end of the scale, take the Scalpeldashi. Surgical scalpels offer the sharpest and least expensive disposable blades on the market, and in a clever little redux we made them part of a stylish, compact, and effective EDC. No single part of that was revolutionary, but combine them and you put the most efficient cutting tool possible in someone's pocket where they need it. 

From this philosophy, and to this end, we independently test, design, select, and manufacture components  to meet our exacting standards. No matter what you purchase from Silent Thunder Ordnance, performance comes as standard. 


Where It All Started 

Like all great stories, it starts with two friends. Having cracked a variety of performance products in other industries, their attention turned to their long standing hobbies of flashlights, shooting sports, and EDC. The rest of the story? Well we're still writing it here, as we go. 

Stellar Culture And Products

Whatever products you purchase from us, your experience matters. This is why each item is individually hand tested and checked. Every light we produce comes with a card identifying who tested it and how it performed. It sounds like small details, but truly it is the smallest details that make the biggest differences. 

Where Are We Going From Here?

To some extent customers should direct a business, but to an equal extent successful businesses have the opportunity to lead, set trends, to be bold. While many of our products must aim toward the middle of the market, custom or limited run fringe performance monsters are something we've been slowly simmering on the back burner for quite some time...