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We offer extreme-performance custom flashlights, EDC, and accessories. Home of the world's most powerful production LED thrower with 3 kilometers ANSI throw. 


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>2,000Kcd project update

Silent Thunder Ordnance

>2000Kcd Lance of Ra prototype

>2000Kcd Lance of Ra prototype

We're in production on our project to build the most powerful LED thrower in the world. >2000Kcd, or 2 million candela, for an ANSI throw of three kilometers. 

We finally have a name for this project: the Lance of Ra. It really is fitting. More than any other thrower we've seen, the beam profile is that of a light lance, rather than a sword. It is just unlike anything we've handled before, and given that it is over twice the throw of the current record holding "most powerful production LED thrower in the world," I suppose that makes sense.

Pre-production-wise, we're in the home stretch. We finally tackled the weight issue once and for all. We were going to machine it out of a solid billet of aluminum, but that would weigh roughly 1.8 kilograms for JUST the head cone. This would be excessive to say the least, not to mention expensive as aluminum billets of sufficient size in 7075-T6 would be about 250$ each BEFORE adding machining cost. Our solution was to use a lightweight honeycomb head cone, while integrating a heatsink in addition to the WoR thermal upgrades to meet the thermal requirements of the light. Best of both worlds, light weight and extended operation in high. Our bare head cone, that is to say no heatsink, glow elements, lens, etc, is a mere 240 grams. The whole head of the Wrath of Ra is 330 grams. Complete with batteries, our current pre-production prototype is 1.145kg, which is no featherweight, but is perfectly handy and can be easily manipulated and used with one hand. 

New images are coming, images of the final production variant (prototype seen above).