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Custom Project - Astrolux S41

Silent Thunder Ordnance

Custom Astrolux S41

Custom Astrolux S41

The Astrolux S41 is an incredibly popular light. Unfortunately, despite four emitters and being incredibly power thirsty, it doesn't throw for shit. In stock configuration, with the high CRI Nachia 219B emitters, the example we received drips out a paltry 6Kcd in stock configuration. If you need to light things up near you, like say a room, it works really well. Unfortunately, for applications requiring really any distance, it just doesn't cut it. 

Enter this custom project. We managed to boost the light to 32Kcd, giving it an ANSI throw rating of 357 meters. You still get plenty of lumens and flood, making it a handy little light for EDC. And, just because we want our customs to be cool, we added a red lit tailcap and a blue GITD tailring to complete the performance package.