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Custom Project - 100Kcd Zoomie

Silent Thunder Ordnance

100Kcd Zoomie, Carbon Fiber S90v Spyderco Paramilitary2, Tesla lighter

100Kcd Zoomie, Carbon Fiber S90v Spyderco Paramilitary2, Tesla lighter

Why do "all" zoomies suck? The overwhelming majority of them are so bad, they aren't even upgradable in any reasonable sense of the word. And yet, in concept, they're the ideal EDC light. When you need wash, they produce the most beautiful even wash of the precise width you require. When you need throw, they produce night-searing high Kcd beams, without the target-obscuring wash common to reflector lights. They're energy efficient too, allowing you to quickly and precisely meter out just as much light as your application requires with minimal waste. 

So why not build a premium one, or so the custom build request went? No more AAA alkaline cells in a carriage. No more Chinese soldering. No more mediocre performance. Real performance upgrades, in terms of output, mechanical upgrades, and thermal management. After an extensive quest, we found a host which was adequate and set to work.

The result was a fantastic little light everyone who has handled has loved. With 100Kcd, good out to 630 meters ANSI throw distance, there is ample power to hand when zoomed in. 100Kcd may not sound like much for us, but for a light with a head diameter (OD) less than 31mm, it is still pretty good. Zoomed out though, lumen distribution is even, producing beautiful short range wash. It is a great little light, one that is hard to let go of. I hope we do more with this host. Already we have ideas surrounding machining a new head........ 

100Kcd Zoomie, Spyderco Paramilitary2, Tesla lighter

100Kcd Zoomie, Spyderco Paramilitary2, Tesla lighter