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Custom Project - Astrolux SC

Silent Thunder Ordnance

Astrolux SC w/ patina 87Kcd

Astrolux SC w/ patina 87Kcd

This was one of our first custom projects. Meet the Astrolux SC. You may know this as the banner photo (at least at the time of writing) on our website. 

For those who don't know, these come pretty fully loaded, style-wise at least. Copper body, lit tailcap, and a pretty reasonable driver as a bonus. The problems come from the anemic power source, unsuitable emitter, and unfocused reflector. Throw in the usual suspects as well, potting, bypasses, thermal upgrades, etc just because, and you have a pretty sweet little pocket rocket spitting 87Kcd. Not bad eh? The thing has so much thermal mass with our upgrades and that anemic little cell, it'll never get too hot. 

But what to do with that dirty great slab of raw copper? It is practically a canvas, inviting further modification. We debated "painting" patterns on it in patina, but in the end went for more of a "found artifact" look where patina fills low points, gaps, and crevices. Finish it with a clearcoat to protect the patina and the ELU's pants pockets, and it is good to go. A real looker. Only really "unusual" part of the project was machining special covers/plugs to protect every aperture, the inside, and every mating surface from the etchant and of course clearcoat.