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We offer extreme-performance custom flashlights, EDC, and accessories. Home of the world's most powerful production LED thrower with 3 kilometers ANSI throw. 


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The big test is coming.......

Silent Thunder Ordnance


To my knowledge, there has never been a large scale comparative test of moderators like this before, where every design is put on the same exact host and tested on the same meter on the same day. We’re going to do it with a proper meter capable of capturing peak volume as well as generate a sound capture, to provide a more complete look at the moderator’s sound profile, dominant frequency, and so on.

Going from left to right, back to front, we have Wolf Air?, Neil Clague, Neil Clague, 0dB, TKO?, STO experimental, STO experimental, DonnyFL Sumo, Wolf Air?, DonnyFL Tanto, DonnyFL FX, STO Levitas, and Huggett Belita.

The big test is coming soon, watch this space……..