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We offer extreme-performance custom flashlights, EDC, and accessories. Home of the world's most powerful production LED thrower with 3 kilometers ANSI throw. 


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Development Project - Convoy C8 294Kcd

Silent Thunder Ordnance

294Kcd custom Convoy C8

294Kcd custom Convoy C8

The Convoy C8, does it need an introduction? Being an incredibly popular host for thrower modding, we figured it'd be fun to develop an upgrade plan around this host to produce absurd performance. Just for reference, typically modified C8s fail to exceed 180Kcd, and we've never seen someone else pass 200Kcd.

Our goal is to exceed 300Kcd. As of writing, our dev. mule is at 294Kcd. That is good for an ANSI rated throw distance of 1085 meters. 

Performance is never without cost. Our optical upgrades have generated some artifacting outside the hotspot, so for people who that annoys this is definitely not your huckleberry, but in this size class, there really is nothing else out there which can compete for throw. You're carrying something almost 50% more powerful than a Dereelight Xsearcher in your pocket.