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Development Project - Storm of Ra

Silent Thunder Ordnance

Storm of Ra displaying its unique hexagonal beam at 100 meters

Storm of Ra displaying its unique hexagonal beam at 100 meters

We love lumens as much as the next flashaholic, but given that we actually use our lights and expect our customers to as well, they just need some throw to back them up.

Enter the Storm of Ra. Backed with the power of the the Cree MT-G2 spitting >4000 lumens (emitter), you're not left wanting in the raw output department. Whereas most lights with this many lumens simply squander all that power, we harnessed it with a 110mm aspheric lens to generate ~500Kcd, good for well over a kilometer of throw. A consequence of this is that the emitter's unique hexagonal profile is displayed in the beam. It is truly a stunning sight to behold. This can be seen clearly in the above image. The distance, BTW, is 100 meters. Just aside of the lower right facet of the hexagon, a 12x21 torso target can be seen, to give you an idea of the distance.