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Tail Rings - Redux

Silent Thunder Ordnance

SoH w/ GITD blue tailring

SoH w/ GITD blue tailring

Tail Rings, a cool little element to add flair to your light. There comes a problem though: if we have to buy and individually list every single host, it'd be both a prohibitively long list and impossibly expensive. As our line expanded though, it became apparent that many were of similar size or were outright interchangeable. Instead then of listing every single ring by model and cross-referencing them, why not just produce simply labeled sizes and allow customers to quickly measure their light and purchase a size which fits. Easy right? So that is what we did. 

There are two common sizes of rubber boot used in switches, they're nominally 14mm and 16mm. From there you simply select the OD (outer diameter) which will fit inside the lip of your light. The rings grip the tail boot, so for the OD you need simply leave enough clearance as to fit. 

We've also added two new materials, bronze and aluminum composite. Made with real metal, they add a great flair to your light without any corrosion issues.