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We offer extreme-performance custom flashlights, EDC, and accessories. Home of the world's most powerful production LED thrower with 3 kilometers ANSI throw. 


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EoS - An Explanation

Silent Thunder Ordnance

Eye of Sekhmet cocobolo over copper w/ Spyderco Butch Vallotton

Eye of Sekhmet cocobolo over copper w/ Spyderco Butch Vallotton

So this isn't a for sale post, an introduction to a new product, or anything of the sort. This is a little peek behind the curtain about the Eye of Sekhmet, how it is made, and why the lineup of what we offer and how we're offering it has changed. 

Lets start with the obvious: what happened to our three tiers? When we initially launched the EoS, we knew the lowest priced tier was going to be a money-losing venture. We wanted to have it though as something called a "loss leader," that is to say a product which you intentionally lose money on in order to get people in the door. We wanted to get people to try what was a radical new flashlight from a new company, and in that regard it was wildly successful. It was so successful in fact we couldn't keep up with production on them. We planned on it having a limited life span, and it did. At the time of launch, the middle tier also wasn't profitable, and we knew it. We anticipated, incorrectly, that through experience and production cycles we'd gain the efficiency necessary to make it profitable. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Wood in particular just doesn't bend to production whims or scale the way we had hoped. Each light still takes hours of labor from multiple skilled craftsmen from block to light, and as incredible as it sounds each light is still a mad dash to get done in the 4 week production deadline for every order. 

To remedy all of this, we're doing a number of things. First, we've discontinued the middle tier. The mad dash to get them out in time means we can't hold and bundle orders, they have to move through the process individually, and that just isn't working. The top tier will remain, offering wide enough margins to produce lights individually, but with an extended timetable so that there is less of a crazy rush to get each done. Secondly, we'll be manufacturing batches of lights ready to order. No wait times, these lights will be performance certified and ready to ship out. Batch manufacture, and no production deadlines, will allow these lights to be sold for less, allow us to be more creative with options, and bring down prices somewhat. Instead of listing them on the blog, we'll list them on the product page so they can simply be added to cart. 

For the people whose lights have been shipping late, we apologize. Going forward we hope these changes mean everyone can get their lights on time, and that having available options means those who don't want to wait can get lights immediately.